Saturday, February 4, 2012

The VAIO TX3. Sony’s Latest Notebook Series

Sony has recently launched its latest notebook series – the VAIO TX3 – which is said to deliver performances because of their embedded Intel new Core Solo Ultra-Low Voltage (ULV) processor and a battery life of up to seven hours.
The manufacturer said that it has used a special material for the notebooks’ case, one which is used in the aerospace industry and for the Formula One bolides. Because of the strength the carbon fiber laminate has (it surpasses the magnesium alloy resistance), the notebook benefits from an enhanced shock resistant feature, and a low weight – only 1,25 kg. (Sony didn’t mention if the batteries were included.)"The TX3-Series is exceptional," says Jun Koyama, Marketing Director of VAIO Europe. "The level of engineering behind it puts it in a class of its own, which is instantly obvious when you first see, let alone use one. Heavyweight security makes this versatile and utterly distinctive machine perfect for the business user who is uninterested in the ordinary.
"The TX3 also features a slim, integrated DVD±RW optical drive, which supports a special developed double layer (DL) technology for an extra capacity. The notebooks have enhanced security functions such as fingerprint recognition and hardwired chip-level Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security in order to prevent a potential data loss.Furthermore, the TPM is said to be capable to disable all the malicious software and to take out important information such as passwords and encryption keys by storing sensitive data on the chip itself. The TX3’s hard disk is also physically guarded by G-Sensor Shock Protection, which automatically shields the drive heads if the notebook is dropped.


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